Saturday, 25 February 2012

Crocus Flowers in February Photos : How to grow

Crocus Flowers 1
Crocus flowers are for brightening up dull February days.
 Crocus flowers are brash and cheeky and like to exist in gangs

Crocus Flowers 2
How to Grow and Cultivate Crocus Bulbs

Crocus like to be placed in sunny locations and like well drained soil with plenty of humus such as leaf mould.

July to September is the time to plant Autumn Crocus and October to November for Crocuses in the spring. Personal experience shows that there is a lot of lee way on these dates. They will come up even if the dates for planting are slightly out.

Bulbs should be planted at a depth of twice their size, maybe a little deeper if you are adding some sandy soil at the bottom to aid drainage.
Crocus Flowers 3
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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Jelena) the ultimate winter flowering bush

Witch Hazel Flower
If you are looking for the ultimate winter flowering bush then one can do no better than Witch Hazel and the variety we found Hamamelis Jelena. We found this amazing bush on a brisk winters day at the begining of February 2012. The flowers, a bright coppery-orange in colour, give off a warm glow as though from a gently wood burning fire. Very impressive with much wow factor.

The picture above showing the bush overall can never do justice to the impression it makes as you pass by it.